We store energy and deliver security.

PIBAS Batteries

PIBAS® is a specialist in design, manufacturing and configuration of industrial energy storage solutions. Our strength is to design customized solutions for demanding industrial applications for which we can count on a long term experience in our company. We manage all technologies such as lead based, Ni-based  and Lithium based technologies and combine these with the necessary electrical and mechanical components. We are able to service all technologies, doing installations and maintenance and support our customer base with a well trained service team. Our company is an approved supplier to many OEMs and industrial end-users world-wide. Our products are sucessfully in use globally in most critial applications and our aim to have a constant improvement of our processes leads to product type approvals and the ISO 9001:2015 certification of our Quality Management System.

Ni-Cd batteries – pocket plate technology

PIBAS®  Ni-Cd ranges ranges build on the well proven pocket plate design combined with new latest technology components are leading the battery world in terms of high performance, longest proven service life, widest operational temperature range and lowest maintenance requirments. The plate technology and electrolyte choice tolerates temperature fluctuations from  –50°C to +70°C with no effect on plate structure. The high temperature characteristics offer the unchallanged, longest lifetime of any battery in this hostile environment. The PIBAS® Ni-Cd battery design offers a 20 years+ service life, while it provides the most predictalbe aging in the battery industry, offering the highest safety and relaibility in the market. Ni-Cd batteries are the perfect products when the total cost of ownership (TOC) and an optimized OPEX is considered.


Our Ni-Cd pocket plate batteries are available in singe cell designs offering a broad range of electrode sizes build into standard and extreme low maintenance ranges. All our products comply with IEC 60623/IEC62259 (gas recombination), DIN 40771 and BS6260.



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